The Georgia Academy of Audiology is a professional organization of audiologists and friends of the audiology community that promotes quality hearing and balance care by advancing the profession of audiology through leadership, advocacy, education, public awareness, and support of research.* 

The Georgia Academy of Audiology’s vision is to be essential in the professional lives of audiologists by:

          Advancing the science and practice of audiology, and

          Achieving public recognition of audiologists as experts in hearing and balance.

The Georgia Academy of Audiology shall be recognized as the professional organization for audiologists in the State of Georgia.



What Exactly Does a State Audiology Academy Do?

Frequently when audiologists are making the decision as to whether they should join their state professional association, the question is asked "Why should I join this association when I am already a member of one or more national audiology associations?" The answer is that the state audiology association functions quite differently from the national associations, and monitors state legislative activity that directly affects the day-to-day practice of an audiologist in Georgia.


State issues affect you and your practice

Most states have a professional association dedicated to furthering audiology in the state (or maintaining the status-quo when threatened!). The state professional association also looks out for the needs of hearing-and-balance disordered patients residing in the state. Politically, the state association is most concerned with the licensing affecting our profession as well as legislation which affects the practice of audiology. The state association is also interested in legislation that affects "scope of practice" issues, such as procedures performed by others (ie: occupational therapy, physical therapy, non-audiologist hearing aid dispensing) that may infringe upon our scope of practice. Additionally, state associations provide continuing educational opportunities and networking opportunities for audiologists.


Benefits of joining the Georgia Academy of Audiology -


Offers members an avenue to earn continuing education and staff development units(CEUs/SDUs) through its state convention and other workshops


Allows members to attend GAA sponsored events at reduced rates


Provides an opportunity to participate and take leadership roles in the governance of the association


Keeps members abreast of issues that may directly affect the practice of audiology by monitoring activities of local, state, and national agencies as well as health care organizations.


Provides the services of a lobbyist to monitor and assist members address legislative issues


Networks with other professional organizations


Recognizes it members for outstanding services


Gives access to the association's website which includes GAA publications, a membership directory,  job opportunities, legislative activities and other newsworthy items.   


Remember to have a look at the President's Message for some of our current plans and agendas, as well as clicking here to read about some of our past achievements.


To become a member, click here!


Once you become a member of GAA, you will have access to the by-laws, strategic plan, newsletters, email updates, member directory, upcoming CEU events, and much more!


If you are new to the State of Georgia and need information regarding licensure, click here to be directed to the Secretary of State website.


*We would like to acknowledge and thank the American Academy of Audiology for their inspiration in creating a mission statement that we have adapted for our state association.


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